Refraction is the art of determining the proper eyeglass prescription for a patient. We consider your individualized visual demands and how much change your eyes can tolerate with a prescription change.

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Contact Lens Fitting

Contact lens comfort strongly depends on a proper contact lens fit. We can specialize fits for astigmatism, monovision or multifocal lenses and rigid gas permeable for keratoconus or hard to fit patients.

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Dilated Retinal Exam

A Dilated retinal exam is the BEST way to evaluate the health of the eye. It allows the doctor to see all ocular structures in order to accurately diagnose gla​ucoma​, cataracts and macular degneration. It is an annual requirement for diabetics.

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Binocular Vision Evaluation

A binocular evaluation studies how the eyes work together. Headaches, eyestrain, intermittant blur or double vision can all result from an unstable binocular system. We perform specialized testing and recommend appropriate treatments.

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Visual Field and Retinal Imaging

A visual field measures peripheral vision and is crucial in diagnosing glaucoma or other optic nerve disease.

Retinal photos allow for careful documentation and monitoring of eye conditions.

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Lens and

Frame Selection

What type of lens is best for you? Our experienced staff will discuss the differences of lens types; bifocal vs. progressives, sunglass vs. transitions and help you decide which lenses and coatings are worth getting.

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